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Burton Contractors owns a rich fleet of over 100 pieces of plant, this enables the business to provide speedy response and control over output.


Our History

  • 1973
    John Burton established John R Burton Contractors in 1973 with three employees, an old backhoe and a grader. The company’s first contracts were with local councils, later moving onto public works projects and civil works for major projects.
  • 1975
    John R Burton Contractors continued until 1984 when John Burton was joined by Josh Lommers to form Burton Lommers. Burton Lommers employed approximately 30 people and owned 20 pieces of earthmoving plant. 
  • 1988
    Burton Lommers was sold to John Lockyer, who eventually changed the name of the company to Lockyer Contracting. Paul Burton stayed with Lockyer Contracting, located in Belmore, as an estimator until early 1991. 
  • 1990
    John Burton re-established John R Burton Contractors Pty Ltd, working within the Hunter Valley and Port Stephens region. John continued to slowly build the company by acquiring more plant. Paul Burton (now Managing Director) joined his father John in 1992, working as a Project Manager and Estimator. During this time, a number of former clients contacted John Burton to price civil construction jobs in Sydney. 
  • 1994
    John R Burton Contractors Pty Ltd returned to Sydney and operated out of the family home in Strathfield. Chris Burton soon joined the business after completing a carpentry apprenticeship with Transfield. 
  • 1999
    John R Burton Contractors Pty Ltd moved back to Belmore after Lockyer Contracting closed up shop. 
  • 2006
    In 2006, effective succession planning led to the second generation, Paul and Chris Burton taking ownership of the business. Exceptional business growth resulted in Burton Contractors relocating its head office to Homebush. Burton Contractors gained international standards accreditation for Quality Assurance, Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental Systems. The business also gained pre-qualification with the Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA) – now the Department of Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) – as a preferred contractor for road works up to the value of $20 million. 
  • Present
    Burton Contractors continues to expand, approaching 200 employees and over 100 pieces of earthmoving equipment. Burton Contractors has received a pre-qualification upgrade from the Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) to complete civil road works up to the financial value of $100 million.