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Boral Asphalt Plant Remediation

Project Name
Boral Asphalt Plant Remediation
$Value of project
$4 million
Location of project
Black Hill, NSW
Contract period
January 2012 - September 2014
Scope of works

The 5 ha partially cleared bushland site had been used as an asphalt plant for over 40 years and had also been significantly impacted through various activities that had taken place over the last 100 years including mining related activities, logging/de-vegetation and asphalt production. As Boral was preparing to exit the current lease with the Landowner, the lease agreement required the lease area to be left in a condition suitable for land zoned IN1 – General Industrial use, and due to numerous areas of contamination at the site, a Remedial Action Plan (RAP) was prepared to set out the necessary actions to remove any contamination to restore the site to a condition as close as practical to the condition it was in before being affected by the contamination. 

Project Highlights

- Demolition and removal ofplant, equipment and hardstand areas

- Isolation of undergroundand aboveground services, along with disconnection

- Bulk earthworks ofidentified contaminated materials, stockpiling of materials into three (3)categories ‘suitable for re-use as is’, ‘suitable for landfarming’ and‘unsuitable to remain onsite’ with subsequent off-site disposal to licencedfacilities.

- Hotspot excavations andbackfilling following validation of materials

- Onsite engineered fillarea creation with erosion control layer

- Materials tracking forauditor compliance