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Tea Gardens Waste Transfer Station & Subdivision

Project Name
Tea Gardens Waste Transfer Station & Subdivision
Great Lakes Council
$Value of project
$4 million
Location of project
Tea Gardens, NSW
Contract period
January 2013 - September 2013
Scope of works

Extensive tree clearing of the site with mulching and retention of select habitat trees and logs, excavation into rock hill-side and  subsequent rock crushing for re-use on site.  The works comprised of 3 main elements – the extension of the Tea Gardens Industrial Estate, the new Waste Transfer Station facilities and clearing for future Works Depot site. 

Project Highlights

With the impending closure of the adjacent landfill site, the new Resource Recovery and Waste Transfer Station falls over an area of approx. 3.3ha, within a reserved 7ha development envelope.  The remaining 76.47ha bushland area will remain as-is and will be managed as a conservation area. Numerous habitat trees and hollows were nominated to remain and some 50+ nesting boxes installed throughout the conservation area with GPS coordinates recorded to enable ongoing monitoring of various wildlife species native to the area.  All hollow-bearing trees approved for removal were felled in the presence of an Ecologist/Arborist and were inspected prior and following to ensure no fauna were affected by the work.